Water for Life!


ok, enough talking, is that cake I spy?

The Friday working bee came out of the depths of the cold today, far fewer layers of jumpers were visible, and we did not need our big woolly hats. Yay! The sun was shining on a beautifully crisp winter morning as around 20 people arrived to share a glorious morning tea. Despite the school holidays being upon us, one of the teachers, Denise comes to visit, and gardens regulars, Janet Supapon and Michelle are joined by local educators from the Bue Mountains Permaculture Network, Lizzie and Sue. The ever chirpy Nigel also of Footbeat Festival and folks from down the mountain at Lawson,  who are in the early stages of forming their own community garden.  All happy munching on freshly baked cakes from Supapon and Trish.

We’re especially delighted to be joined by Geoffrey Smith from Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) who kicks off with the announcement that a grant has just been secured to carry on making improvements to the waterways on the site.  Harold Hodgson Park is a positive showcase for a creative, sustainable community garden within an active management plan of the riparian zone towards which everything flows here.

a series of baffles slow water and catch silt

a series of baffles slow water and catch silt

We stand on a bridge at the entrance to the garden, towards the entrance upstream the water used to run quickly down this steep flow downhill carrying run off from the suburbs. The installation of  a series of baffles is one way to prevent heavy erosion, silting, excess nutrient flow, & defensive eruption of weed growth downstream.

Further work including the installation of  flow forms are envisaged as part of the existing strategy to slow down and oxygenate the water.


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