Veggie Boxes for Climate Action

A collaboration between the blue mountains city council, footbeat festival and the blue mountains community gardeners, brought recycling boxes seedlings and youngsters together. Up and down the mountains over the past couple of months, schools have been growing their own greens.We’re starting to see some tasty looking greens emerging from those discarded recycling boxes. With more kitchen garden boxes on the horizon, we’ve set our sights on multifunction magic. Not only is this a great way to recycle AND grow vegetables, we can also show veggies off, in a one off creation for a special event at the Footbeat Festival.

between 10-12 we’ll have a fabulous kitchen garden in a box workshop. The boxes of seedlings will display all their promise and hope for the future, being brought together to create a stunning display on the oval.

Come from 10-12 to make boxes ,put into position and smile at camera.


One thought on “Veggie Boxes for Climate Action

  1. Dear Kat and Supapon!

    My child and I attended the last vegiegarden workshop and would like to thank you for a lovely afternoon. We very much enjoyed the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, and informative talk.
    I am also looking forward to attend more of these events.
    Thanks again and see you at the next workshop


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