Workshop – Learning more about the catchment

This Friday, April 9th join us at the Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens for ‘Learning More About the Catchment’.

Presenting will be  Eric Mahony Bush restoration and regeneration, BMCC and Shane Grundy, Bush Doctor
We’ll also be joined by Geoff Smith from BMCC Natural Systems and Jasmine Payget from BMCC Environment Education

Here’s an overview of the schedule:

10am – Welcome and introductions, purpose of the workshop

10.10to 12 noon – Eric and Shane walk and talk around the stream volunteers/workshop participants are welcome to ask questions and share observations.

This session will include
– understanding about the stream and how it was formed
– story of this stream as part of the local landscape …
– catchment ‘characteristics’ such as steep roads, volume of water that comes through the stream in a storm, the entry points onto the land, how much sediments comes through, erosion – and what this means for those of us caring for the stream
– upstream highway effects and downstream swamps and other special places
– baffle box and how it works – how the flow forms work and what it would do to help the stream
– the shape of the stream and rock ‘armouring’ – helping to slow down the water so that avoid erosion
– when and how to plant on the riparian zone (zone in and near the stream banks)
– constraints such as the sewer line built along the streambank, exposed in some places.

There’s be an overall explanation about the environment management approach to protect the stream from eroding, and to protect the swamps and other parts of the landscape.

How can Community Gardens and other volunteers be involved?

12 noon Lunch
Lunch time conversation about implications

After lunch we could tackle specific questions of places of concern.
Note that there is some action happening about the bush tucker/plants site but this will need to be a separate workshop.


One thought on “Workshop – Learning more about the catchment

  1. It was a very interesting Workshop and the ideas raised can only be of help the sub-catchment as the headwaters of Yosemite Creek. I look forward to any more Workshops that will follow.

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