Water for Life

We may not have had too much rain in the last few days, but we’re still focused on water. Class 2/3 from North Katoomba Primary School learn all about our Water Catchment Area with Jasmine Paget from BMCC.  We begin with close scrutiny of the water catchment model, a dozen pairs of eyes soaking in the model version of  this house on the hill. 60 seconds to take in all the details, then “eyes closed! what do you remember seeing?”

What would I have remembered at that age I wonder?

Work continues this week on the stream, in fact I’ve barely seen Fred and Michael out of the creek since we had the workshop, now that’s inspiration.

Soup today is delicious, and is all garden goodies: just harvested marrow (the surprisingly tasty addition) as well as late pumpkin, spring onions, always threatening to be the last but never quite ending crop of bush tomatoes and potato.

Plans are firming up for a new grain garden, a joint project with the local co-op and a new crop of workshops. See the main events calendar to see what’s coming up. Get your suggestions in quick for winter if there’s an event or workshop you’d like to see at the Gardens.


One thought on “Water for Life

  1. While Jasmine was showing the children the Water Catchment Model, Supapon and i were planting bean circles with heritage variety of Broad Beans on the other side of the creek. Children also planted kale in the main area of the gardens and peas. Thankfully there were plenty of raspberries left as the children went on a tour of the gardens. There was lots of smelling, and tasting going on. Many of the children were very excited at the prospect of coming back and harvesting the beans in August.

    It was great to see so many of the children had been down to the gardens before and were growing their own veys at home.

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