Workshop: hot composting

The compost must get hot, and stay hot for at least a couple of weeks. How high, how hot, how do I do that? My slideshow shows you the theory. Gain the confidence only a hands on practical workshop can give on Saturday 8th May. Got questions? fire away…

This is a hands on compost making workshop, be prepared to roll your sleeves up!

See our calendar for more upcoming events and workshops.

it’s getting hot in here…


4 thoughts on “Workshop: hot composting

  1. I’ve turned the compost a couple of times since the workshop, the temperature has been up there and with some burned white patches. TodayI made sure to give it a good watering too, and it came back down to the 30s. If you want to come help me turn it and see how its going I’ll be there again on Wednesday around 10:00

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    • Hey Maryanne, the compost is at work in the gardens now – mid mountains are welcome to visit any time 🙂 working bees are Fridays 10/10:30 -14:00

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