Fly in on Friday

Aussie GardenersIts raining, and there’s 100% cloud cover, so its all but an ultra dedicated ultra small crew of gardeners that arrive for a flying visit today. Still, in a fully focussed two hours, Sue, Supapon and I managed to complete our streamwatch data collection (results below) propagate a few more fragrant old roses, apply compost to a couple of beds, sow even more calendula, plant a couple of Prostantheras on the stream bank, before enjoying keyhole cake, lamingtons and a drop of home made cherry brandy from Supapon to welcome to this new citizen! Cheers!

Streamwatch data today

Temperature: 8 C (cold)

Turbidity: 10 NTU (clear)

pH (potential Hydrogen) : 6.5 (very slightly acidic)

Electrical Conductivity (tests salts) : 90 µS/cm (not very salty)

Available Phosphate: 0.02 mg/L (I think that’s quite low)

dissolved oxygen (DO) mg/L: 7.6 mg/L


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