Vegetable Plots

Watering action

The sun’s out and everyone staggers back into the garden from behind their woodfired heaters. Getting busy in the garden seems that much easier when the  sky is cloudless. The display garden we’ve finally worked out is really a soup garden, so that’s what we’ll be calling it from now on, we mulch, pull out some plants move others, propagate figs via prunings kindly donated by Cloud Farm at Mount Tomah. Supapon harvests a couple of barrows full of rich compost from our hot composting workshop. It’s brimming with worms and she sets them to work in the soil around some newly planted beds of pak choi. Plans are afoot for incorporation, planting medicinals around the apple trees and planning sessions for our busy year of workshops, community projects and souper soups all coming up in summer 2010. There’s so much to do, we’ll have a job cramming it all in.

Soup today is a warming laksa with noodles, big handfuls of greens from the soup garden, chia and buckwheat.

There are still a few pots of free leeks to be had, so come and claim yours.

Remember there’s a fruit and nut tree workshop coming up next Saturday, more info about this, and a simple recipe for lemon marmalade over at Anitra’s fruit and nut tree network blog.


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