Bay Away

Bay GiveawayBay Tree Project update  – Finally A trip to Lawson presents itself, a chance to give a little of this garden to the budding Mid Mountains Community Garden. A further fig branch travels from Mt Tomah’s Cloud Farm, and Gwen kindly accepts this tiny Bay tree on behalf of community gardeners at Kilaha, Queen St. where our friends at the fruit and nut tree workshop today shared their tips on citrus growing across the Mountain region. Read more about this group here.

If you grow orange, lemon, cumquat, or even white sapote* trees and want to hook up with other growers, or to learn more  about growing citrus, look out for fruit and nut tree updates here, and at the fruit and nut tree network

More fruit tree action to come when Sue’s enormous order of scions arrive next month. We’ll be running a grafting workshop when they do.

*according to Frank this is related to citrus, the seed being like a very large citrus seed.


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