Joy in 2010

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The annual Festival of Joy is here again on September 25 at the Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens, Victoria St, North Katoomba. Over the years this festival has evolved into a garden party with food, music and the celebration of Spring, water, new growth, blossoms, and the increasing light in the day emerging from winter. The apple trees, umaboshi and cherry trees will be in blossom, the gardens are looking beautiful and will be a great place to relax in for the day. Kicking off at at 11.30 is a walk and talk for the Harold Hodgson Landcare group and project. Learn about the restoration of the creek, riparian zone around the creek and how to be part of the group to care for the gardens and your local private land. From 12.30 – 5.30 we will have a lovely line up of talented local musicians to help create the atmosphere of joy and celebration. We are forever appreciative of their spirit and sharing of their music. There will be soup, chai, cake and pizzas around the cob oven. For the closing ceremony taking us into dusk we will be graced by The Theatre of Living Light giving us a sneak preview of some scenes from the awesome play “Bringers of the Dawn”. They have been rehearsing almost all year and will be performing at the Footbeat Festival on the weekend of Oct 30/31st. As usual we will close with some drumming and a free for all dance. Bring along your drums and share in the joy.


2 thoughts on “Joy in 2010

  1. Happy happy Birthday wishes to us!!!
    Time has flown so quickly. It was only spring 18 years ago when all us wonderful happy gardeners got together and dreamed of a small plot to work in together .We wanted that windy space next to centre link in warratah st Katoomba.But got this piece of heaven instead…Thanks to BMCC,our great community,schools,tafe,etc
    Its been a huge happy slog…with lots of amazing glorious friendships along the way.All the bricks we all made, All those little sticks we put in in 1996 are now “this blossoming letter in the landscape”
    Makes me so happy to be part of our group and our lovely little catchment. Happy birthday to all you visionaries from babies to 80s
    We made it to NOW…2010 wow!
    May the Gardens Live long and Prosper( tee hee)
    best wishes with love

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