One potato, two potato


What a mammoth effort class 2/3 from Katoomba North Primary School, planted and hilled up a potato bed 30 metres long. They planted Nicola and Sebago potatoes donated by the Blue Mountains Food Co-op that were perfect with their sprouting eyes ready to find their way in the soil provided by Blue Mountains City Council.  Some potatoes were buried in hills and others were planted using the no-dig method.  The no-dig method was the favourite with children building dirt castles on top of the potatoes with their pots.  Class 2/3 planted beans and kale in April for Earth Week and were happy to come back and see the changes and growth.
The community gardeners are happy to team together and provide an activity that gets the children out into the natural environment and learning about growing food.  Children love dirt, water and straw and the gardeners love to plant seeds of inspiration as well as vegetables.  The class will be back later in the year to plant pumpkins, and corn and early next year to harvest the potato bed.  Harvesting potatoes is great fun for kids providing a natural treasure hunt.  Get your children to plant seeded potatoes at home with a little soil and straw at the bottom of a pot or old bin, keep well watered and continue to cover 70% of the stems and leaves with more soil and straw until the pot is filled. You will be amazed how many potatoes you get.
The 65 apple trees will be soon be in blossom in time for the Festival of Joy which will be held on Saturday September 25th from noon till dusk.  Plenty of music, food and fun.  The gardens will also be having their 18th birthday party on Friday October 1st.  Come and take home a gift of mulch. Feel free to wander through the gardens anytime of the week, pull out a weed and take home some vegetables and fruit when they are ready.  You can find the Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens at Victoria St, Katoomba, in Harold Hodgson Park.

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