Bringers of the Dawn – A celebration of life!

Festival of Joy attendees were treated to excerpts of our upcoming performance at Wentworth Falls School of Arts. Theatre of living light performed at the gardens last summer with The Bacchae and are looking forward to performing there again soon. Supapon Lantay-Lefkovich, Blue Mountains Community Gardens Founder, believes that community gardens have an important role to play in providing spaces for theatre arts. “Its imperative that every community expresses its soul and aspiration through  artistic performance. This is a dynamic living breathing thing that all people and society should keep alive for its own health.As important as the arts of Food, Sports, Music as well as Gardening . Witness the role drama and public art plays in the health of communities in the past and in places like England(Shakespeare) and Bali (everyone is a participant). We at the community gardens love and support such  companies of thespians as Theatre of Living light because they bring new works of dramatic art that are entertaining funny, joyful,sad,tragic right out into our garden setting.

And whats really astonishing is they are our  very own home grown theatre company. Go see and support them if you can. Every bit of well thought out live theatre that is our own should get our support.
Think global and ACT local indeed!.”

Once, before time, Father Sun flooded the world with light. There lay Great Mother, the light reflecting off her body. Animals, insects, birds, flowers and forests rose out of the earth. The waters teemed with fish, the trees hung heavy with fruit. The animals and plants of the world celebrated!

At sunset, one last burst of brilliant light entered the Great Mother’s dreams.

As dawn broke the Spectrum, seven rainbow beings, emerged into the world playing joyously! Great Mother smiled upon her children and as she faded away said, “I am in your hands. Remember – with great power comes great consequence. And never forget love.”

Thus begins Bringers of the Dawn, a spectacular, original theatre work set in a world of colour, populated by enchanting characters. Be ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you journey with seven bouffons, the Spectrum, as they suck the colour out of the world then travel through the shadows on their way back to the light. Along the way the Spectrum’s grotesque beauty collides with the extraordinary grace and potency of a Genie, a Herald, a drumming Storyteller, belly-dancing Goddesses, the Great Mother and many others.

Will the Spectrum transform through these experiences and learn to nurture life to flourish once again? Or will they succumb to fear and greed, assuring a dead-end for all?

This festive and revolutionary work explores many dimensions of the modern world, probing a series of fundamental questions including:
  • What are the core qualities we need to create a harmonious, vibrantly sustainable world?
  • What are the costs of our addictions to wealth, acclaim and power?
  • Watch out – this is a big one! How are military, business, celebrity, government, media, technology and religion interacting in the world today?!
  • What is our relationship to the Earth? What can it be?
This fun-filled and heartfelt project has brought together over 100 contributors in a year long process to create something truly extraordinary. Dance troupes, musicians, actors, artists, children, youths and adults have pooled their talents to create a piece incorporating text based and physical theatre, clowning, dance, song, live music, multimedia projection and audience participation.

Bringers of the Dawn is a feast of creativity, an irresistible call for us all to take responsibility for the world of our dreams, and a celebration of life! We look forward to sharing this magic with you!


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I want to encourage people to listen to their hearts and become all they can be. I want to help by teaching a wise approach to many things. We are never taught these things anymore and i believe we should be. A wise approach to releasing emotions. A wise approach to teaching children how to release emotions and that its ok. I am a single mother of two magnificent children, I am a Warrior. I love people and want to help as many people as i can.

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