Cool Climate Lecture Series

The Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens is delighted to be featured in this upcoming Cool Climate Lecture Series which showcases stunning gardens in the Blue Mountains.

Everglades Heritage Garden

Saturday 13 November to Sunday 14 November

Heres your chance to learn from 6 diverse speakers about garden design, resilient gardening, permaculture, old parliament house roses, cool climate natives, attracting native birds, and much more. With special guest Sandra Ross (The Garden Clinic)

Runs over two days with lunch and morning tea included.

Each day will consist of 3 speakers and then after a light lunch we will visit three impressive gardens.

The gardens include:

  • The beautiful Paul Sorensen garden – Everglades,
  • Rosebriar, which is a plant collectors garden and has to be seen to be believed,
  • Clover Hill which is cleverly built on a slope and will have some rare plants for sale,
  • Blue Mountains Organic Community garden which is a permaculture food forest
  • Arthur Lathouris’s unique garden which compliments his mud brick home
  • Barry Jarrott’s unashamedly romantic garden which has been developed over the past 8 years

The topics and speakers are as follows:

  • Cool Climate Gardens of the World – Sandra Ross
  • Tree Care & Maintenance in a cool climate garden – Guy McIlrath
  • Relevance and Evolution – Can the notion of the ‘Romantic Garden‘ survive into the 21st Century? – Barry Jarrott
  • Resilient Gardening – Rosemary Morrow
  • Reflections of an Old Parliament House Gardener – Robin Johnson
  • Cool Climate Natives of the Upper Mountains – Anne Rickwood and Tanya McLean

Cost: $150 members for two days, $175 non-members for two days, $100 for one day.

For more information or to make a booking contact: Scott 4784 1938 or

To find out more about this series and the historic Everglades Gardens, visit the Everglades Gardens website


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