343 beans exactly!

hilling up potatoesWhat a lovely way to end the year in Dec 2010. Class 2/3  at North Katoomba Primary continue their ever growing adventures  with the Community Gardens. On September 2010. they came down to hill up their potatoes. This is a great way to increase the yield of potatoes from each plant. The potatoes were originally planted in this 30 metre bed and will be ready for harvesting in February 2011. The potatoes had grown beautifully helped along by abundant rains.

The children also harvested the remainder of the broad beans that had been planted in Earth Week April 2010 taking home a large bag of beans each. It was a very successful and abundant crop watered only by the rain with no added fertilizer. A huge bag of beans had previously been taken to the children in the classroom where the teacher tipped the beans out onto the floor. A method was worked out by the children to count and divide them.

fistfull of beansCounting the beans in groups of twenty, 343 beans were counted in all. Then they divided the beans by how many students were in the class. This made for a much more interesting maths lesson than usual. A number of children ate those beans for their dinner that night; some didn’t like them because they had eaten the outer shell!

The kids said they can’t wait to come and harvest the potatoes.


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