Its all grow

17 March – Today i distributed all the lucerne we had delivered at the weekend about the place, planted some more lettuce seedlings and cleared some of the flower garden where the roses are located. I will keep going with reworking this area and replant it with some more roses as well as some additional interesting flowering plants for a big show – hopefully year round…. will also work my way around to the other north side of the sandpit and try and get it all cleaned up.

I also started the first planting at the north end. Meyer Lemon in a largish cleared hole and realigned the bay seedlings so they formed a better ciircle. I turned the soil over to a fairly deep 30 cms and created a surrounding mound. This will help gather water and also create a minor protective wind break to help as well.

This scheme looks like the way to go – where we slowly add more small circles and create windbreaks and then plant Citrus and underplant them with other interesting culinary plants. More work to come to really get these going over the next few weeks and develop a few while the weather is congenial to growth.


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