Magical Medicinal Garden

by Kay Ridgway

It’s always an absolute joy to visit the Community Garden, especially when greeted by such enthusiastic and devoted volunteers! You all do such a great job and I frequently suggest that my clients, friends and visitors to the mountains take a stroll through and appreciate what it means to have a garden, so abundant and well cared for, in our community for all to enjoy.

Over the years the Community Garden has been a source of ‘medicines’ for clients who have not had access to fresh herbs, so not only have they benefitted with fresh, clean pickings but expanded their knowledge also. This activity has inspired and encouraged them to be more self-sufficient with a sense of involvement in their own well-being…such an important part of healing .

I would like to see a greater role for the Garden by expanding the medicinal/tea/ salad areas. Herbs like stinging nettles, rosa canina, camellia sinensis, (as a specimen to actually see the origin of white and green tea), and many more which will suit the conditions and provide a good teaching base for those wanting to learn about ‘kitchen remedies. I grow lemon grass and kaffir limes in Leura and I’m sure these could be grown in the gardens under shelter from frost and severe winds. Perhaps we can dream and manifest a glass house!! That would be wonderful and maximise the diversity.

It’s been great connecting with you and will see you again in the magic garden 🙂


2 thoughts on “Magical Medicinal Garden

  1. thanks for putting the gardens to such good use! Have a look by the door to the shed next time you’re there and say hello to the Camelia’s either side of the door. Rosa canina is a great idea, I will look out for some.

  2. Rosa canina would be seen as a weed threat by many but if the garden wanted some I could propagate some. I raised mine from seed wild collected in Armidale area. I have other species that are also good for hips like R. rubiginosa (also ‘weed’, I got mine from out near Mudgee), R. rugosa and R. laevigata.

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