Making a shiitake mushroom log (via Milkwood: permaculture farming and living)

There’s been heaps rain and seriously mushroomy conditions up here in the mountains lately, so a bunch of us started to wonder if we can grow our own edible mushrooms in the understory of our food forest? With winds bringing trees down across the highway that’s an awful lot of stumps we could be plugging up with shitake! While we could not all get to what sounded like an excellent workshop down on the farm, the lovely folks at Milkwood have kindly supplied all the information we need and show us how to get started. Thanks Milkwoodies!

Making a shiitake mushroom log Shiitake mushrooms are the yummiest variety, in my opinion. They’re also the most expensive in the shops, and virtually impossible to find in an organic variety (at least where we live). Solution: grow your own. You’ll be happy to hear that making your own shiitake mushroom log turns out to be very easy. It would make a great holiday project for any family, or a great skill-share workshop in your community. Here’s how you do it. [caption id=”atta … Read More

via Milkwood: permaculture farming and living


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