A Food Forest Poster

Here is the latest poster about our Community Garden Food Forest!

This Community Garden opened in 1995 and is run for and by local community members. The interests here range from permaculture designed food forests, organic and biodynamic methods of gardening, bush regeneration, open space beautification and building social links.

Our funds come from our own fund-raising activities. We work in alliance with the Blue Mountains City Council, LandCare, TAFE, Schools, Multi-Cultural Childrens pre-school group, Aboriginal Culture and Resource Centre, Women’s Health Centres, Men’s Shed, and Local Neighbourhood Centres.

A Food Forest is a human designed and companion planted forest ecosystem using multi-layered and diverse food species. A cultivated ecology includes seed saving, composting to rejuvenate soils, and natural bushland regeneration.

The next Festival of Joy will be held here on Saturday, 1st October, 2011, 9am – 5pm. Feel free to wander and enjoy. Thanks to all the volunteers, the gardens need you to help in cultivating heritage food varieties and friends. All are welcome to participate!

Work day and meal sharing is every Friday 10am – 2pm
Harold Hodgson Park, Victoria Street, Nth Katoomba, Join us! bluemountainscommunitygardens.org


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