Fruit bagging and protection methods this Friday

Friday 18th Nov at the Gardens.

It looks like a good year for fruit trees all around this year in the mountains – especially pears, quinces and apples. It will be great this year to try all the varieties of fruit growing at the gardens instead of watching them being mostly taken by the wildlife and weather.

This Friday we follow up from the tree pruning session we had a few months ago. This time we will be spotting and identifying fruit trees with good clusters of fruit and then bagging them to protect them from weather, birds and animals.
I have a stack of various bags ready to go and we will be using various waxed paper, mesh and cloth bags to cover the fruit.

Lloyd will provide fruit protection bags to be used onsite and some general guidance to get going.

Session will start at 11am and go for about 1 hour.
Open to whoever turns up and can help 🙂 This will be followed up with another session in a few weeks to check on them and see how the fruit is developing, and then eventually another session in summer to pick and taste the ripe fruit.

Even if we only get a few apples off of each tree in the Heritage Apple walk it will be worth it. 🙂


We had a good turnout on the day and attached at least 100+ bags of various types to protect the trees. We ran out of bags long before covering all the fruit we wanted to save! We will do some more bagging over the next few weeks when bag stocks have been replenished. Looking forward to seeing the results in Summer when we pick.


One thought on “Fruit bagging and protection methods this Friday

  1. The weather seems to be against us – if it continues like has today with the constant rain we may need to delay the session till next week.

    => lloyd

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