Regional Sydney community garden gathering – December 11

A Regional Sydney community garden gathering has been organised by the Community Gardens network.

“It would be great to meet many other gardeners and find out what’s happening in your gardens and suburbs. There are so many new gardens springing up! We also want to talk about plans for a National Gathering in Sydney next October.”

Sunday, December 11 – White’s Creek Community Garden, 31 White Street, Lilyfield

Arrive at 11:00am for a cuppa and catchup—11:30 start – 2:30pm finish


One thought on “Regional Sydney community garden gathering – December 11

  1. There was a good turnout at this meet up at Whites Creek in Lilyfield in Sydney on Sunday. Two of us went from the Katoomba gardens, and there were about 4 people from the Lawson gardens in attendance. The dark weather closed in about 12:30 and then rain pelted down. But there were some good points raised for discussion and it was interesting to see that most people really had the same central issues they wanted to discuss.
    How do you attract regular participants and keep them actively involved?
    How do you label plants in the public setting?
    How do you operate as a community group and keep relevance in the local community?
    How do you get money to fund the gardens?
    How do you fairly allocate space for people to grow plants?
    Hopefully they will publish the results of the dissuasions on the website soon.

    Kat video’d the main introduction of people from all the gardens so hopefully we can get to see that soon. Although there was terrible overhead noise from aircraft every minute or so… ah yes I remember now that’s part of why i moved to the mountains…

    also for photo see tweet from @AusComGardens
    Great photo of the Sydney regional CG gathering at Whites Creek CG

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