Winnifred Lane ‘Transformation Team’

An open letter to Neighbours regarding Winnifred Lane in Katoomba

Dear Neighbours,
A Winnifred Lane ‘Transformation Team’ has started work on the unused wasteland slope between Station Street and Freelander Avenue with the aim of making it into a community space useful for those who live nearby or walk around here, and an example of organic 21st century reclamation of a dump. Blue Mountains City Council has been consulted as it is on the map as unformed road (see the red bit of the map below). Legal matters have been discussed and being considered.

A small team of local volunteers is meeting on Friday mornings and removing rubbish and weeds, cutting back and planning a pleasant near future public space. This little place can become an asset to the neighbourhood without huge costs of time or money just by working together in co-operation. The group (a great motley crew!) meets at 9am Fridays for about 2 hours. We’ve had lots of laughter and good will and not too much hard labour. Believe it or not it is working and it is fun!

Come and see what’s happening.
Meet some positive people wearing gloves, hats and smiles and be welcome!


2 thoughts on “Winnifred Lane ‘Transformation Team’

  1. if you’re in the co-op, pick up a copy of their latest newsletter which features a cute little story about this project and the Vale Street verge gardens. I hear we’ve already inspired a spot of verge gardening action in Blackheath too 🙂

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