physic & herb garden progress

The physic & herb garden progresses...

Phew! the weather has been extreme for a while now… but work is still happening on developing the physic & herb garden.

Stage 3 of the herb garden is complete with a layer of soil now sitting on top of slightly aged base layers of chip, compost, lucerne and straw. The top layer has mushroom compost, cow manure, general compost and a range of other goodies in it. It is about 10-15cm deep all over.
Stage 4 – next work is making the sides more defined and stabilised.
Stage 5 – Given a week to settle this top layer will sink a bit and we can level it again and start planting while adding more soil and mulch as we do it.
It will be complex getting the soil PH and build/texture correct for a lot of the herbs initially but it should support some of the hardier ones now the weather has settled.


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