sunday volunteers

Well the weather has been dire… what happened to our Summer? You could see the nutrients just washing away. And the slugs and snails have been at epidemic levels.

Just a quick update on the sunday sessions so far…
The previous two sundays have been very dismal with pretty heavy rain both sessions and pretty depressing.  Despite this there were still a few people who dropped in – mainly accidentally finding out about the sunday sessions on the spot. However they all showed an interest in returning on sundays in the future. All of them people who work during the week and usually unable or unlikely to attend on fridays.
This Sunday there was fantastic weather and a much better turnout with a number of new people coming and going who intend to return on sundays.
From discussing what people were interested in these last three sundays there is interest specifically in:
  • growing more vegetables onsite [ie more to harvest]
  • harvesting fruit and vegetables that are onsite
  • obtaining or swapping seedlings and plants on a regular basis if possible
  • helping weed, clean up and develop more defined functional spaces in the gardens
  • learning propagating techniques such as grafting [eg to make use of the heritage apple trees etc]
  • learning about and swapping information about specific plants that grow well here in the mountains and tips for growing plants better locally
  • helping develop the new herb garden and learning about herbs and plants uses other than culinary
With this in mind assuming the weather holds out over the next few weeks we will try and work out activities and sessions based on these interests on the day. Hopefully more people will continue to turn up.
This sunday we
  • weeded some of the cut flower garden – great job new comer Jane!
  • tended the vegetable garden and tied up tomatoes etc.
  • planted 2 new citrus trees at north end
  • added some more damp tolerant plants to the herb garden
  • made a metal container garden by bolting some old sheet tin together and located it in the carpark area – this is to help clear up and replace the old completely overrun herbs on the left side of the carpark. It still possibly needs painting and the area further cleared around it and then filling with compost and planted with easy access culinary herbs like the ones that were there. This way people can drop in quickly to the gardens and grab a handful of parsley or origano etc without fighting through the inedible weeds.
  • And I believe Jed progressed the mapping of the gardens significantly
At around 11:30am we had a visit from a group of people from the South Coast transition movement. They seem pretty interesting…

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