Good to see people turning up for work on friday sessions despite the unpredictable weather. We had a small but ‘quality’ turn out of a few regulars and newcomers 🙂

Good news was that the older kiwifruit vine, despite initial appearances, is in fact a female and has been developing fruit this year. The pruning, feeding and tending this last year seems to have paid off. This is good news as we now have 3 established female vines – one of which is significantly developed – and one male vine growing now in the central garden area.


2 thoughts on “friday

  1. thanks for the news – the kiwi fruits sound like a virtual fruit love fest…
    Also Nano, could you tell me what i may plant as seeds at this time of the year? I would appreciate it…


  2. hi – hard to pick what is going to work this year due to the crazy weather, sporadic sun and endless rain. Good place to start is the link below to and select the cool mountains climate or temperate if you think you are lucky 🙂
    Although we may get some results on the tomatoes etc I’m kinda assuming we can skip all the usual mid summer crops this year and sadly move right on into the Autumn planting.
    Also with all the water the slug fest continues…
    The next few weeks we will be putting in all the tasty stuff like: Kales, beetroots, parsley, silver beet, collards, spinach, carrots, and continue with all the greens like rocket, mizuna, mibuna, coriander and starting a bunch of the onion family off if from seed.
    Lettuce just seems to be waterlogged but if in a pot or raised garden will probably be ok.
    Potatoes are starting to sprout again right now too.
    We might even get enough time if the weather settles to try again with all our quick summer crops…

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