sunday 12 feb session & local foraging

Well the day was fantastic for gardening so I guess people stayed home and did their own thing this weekend. A very small turnout but we got some weeding done, replaced some damaged seedlings, prepped some more soil and planted out some new seed. Some plants are putting on strong growth and recovering from the heavy rain with even these few slightly warmer & dryer days.

We started the russian kale, spinach, silver beet and several types of beets all from seed.
And two more citrus were planted.

Ever the optimist I believe even (gasp) the tomatoes and corn are looking possible for producing an ok crop! It does seem true that we are about 2 months behind the rest of Sydney in effective planting and growing times. But we can only be positive about the 3 months of the traditionally pleasant mountains autumn we have now before the cold and snap frosts of April kick in…

It’s good to see people harvesting the small squash and Zuchinni’s which are finally producing large numbers.

After the session a few of us went foraging for some excellent local Blackberries. We should probably start a list of good local food sources. We got about 2 kilos and this is what they looked like.


One thought on “sunday 12 feb session & local foraging

  1. Yes you’re right about the fantastic gardening day – much to do in the home paddock. Chooks needed de-lousing, and a good planting day.

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