Growing vegetables in the mountains

On Sunday March 4th at 12 Midday till 1pm [1 hour max] we have a short workshop & question and answer chat session planned for anyone interested in discussing ‘vegetable’ growing in the mountains. This will follow the usual volunteer session on the Sunday that runs from 10am – 12 midday.

This is a huge and varied subject and the plan is to swap stories and experience with growing the full range of vegetables possible in the Blue Mountains with it’s cool temperate climate. i.e. what to plant when and how to try and fit in with local conditions. We will have some practical suggestions based on local experience with weather and soil, and suggestions for ways to access resources that may help.

Some of the recently formed North Katoomba transition group will be attending.





2 thoughts on “Growing vegetables in the mountains

  1. This date is also when a quarterly meeting is scheduled for the ‘Blue Mountains seedsavers group’. They meet 4 times a year – 10am and 1pm at the Bullaburra Progress Hall, cnr of Gt Western Hwy and Noble St.
    An unfortunate clash – but hopefully people may be able to visit us and them on the day.

  2. For anyone interested you can download the growlist we discussed from my garden blog here:
    This is a very simplified growing list for the area here. It just includes all the main core food plants I’ve tried growing and participated in helping grow. And which ones grow easily and which ones have been more variable based on season and weather. Of course there will be a vast variation depending on soil types and exposure to sun and so on.

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