Sunday volunteers 19 Feb

You couldn’t ask for better weather for gardening in the mountains! The seeds planted last week are already starting to emerge. After we perused the effects of the hail storm during the week we moved on to planting and tending. Thanks especially to recent newcomers Jane, Karen and Nat for participating in some hard labouring!

Activities included:

  • tending and tying up the tomatoes and other bendable crops
  • turning over and prepping new bulk planting beds for mixed lettuce, radish, rocket, flat parsley some more russian kale
  • adding more herbs to the physic herb garden
  • weeding the citrus rounds and uncovering the rosemary seedlings that are to form small wavy hedges around them
  • some random harvesting of fruit and vegetables
  • planting a newly donated fig tree

The squash and pumpkin area has been trashed by the hail but looks like it will grow back quickly [we hope]. And there are a lot of squash still thriving on the vines.

The front area near the car park has been cleaned out for rehabilitation and we can plant out into the raised metal garden next week. There will be several others added in the next week or so for the quick pick herbs to grow in so they stay easily available to garden visitors and accessible from the verge area and we can more easily suppress those surrounding weeds! It is great to see the various areas of the gardens slowly being connected and integrated better – eg. the native plant regen areas and the functional produce spaces.

note – The nashi’s have been great this year – although small they have been very tasty and crunchy and the birds seem to have not discovered them. There are not many left now… too tasty to last.


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