Sunday 4th March

Fallen tree

Well a large surprise as we turned up to find that a neighbouring large tree had fallen overnight on the left hand side of the carpark. It was solely due it seems to damp ground and a slight breeze overnight. It has appeared to do no significant damage to anything but the fence. When this is cut up i guess it may help contribute to our huge pile of wood rounds and chip 🙂

The weather is totally unpredictable. But we had a great morning down at the gardens on Sunday. Planted a few more citrus and did a bit of weeding etc.

Most of the seeds planted over the last 2 weeks have powered on. Someone keeps walking on our seedling patches but  I guess that’s growing things in a community space…

At midday more people turned up and we had good long discussion about growing vegetables in the local area. We discussed local conditions and went over a pre-prepared basic grow list. Hopefully people found this useful and we will have more of these sessions with more time spent on specific types of vegetable groups and try and start a regular local plant swap for seedlings etc.

Thanks to those who came on the day and participated.


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