Propagation workshop – Sunday 18 March

This next Sunday there will be a workshop and discussion session on plant propagation from 11am -12 midday as part of the usual Sunday volunteer session. The focus will be on the current weather and plants that germinate and grow well from cutting during the late mountains summer/autumn seasonal period.

This will cover:

  • what to grow and propagate in autumn
  • cutting selection & methods
  • discussion of seasonal timing for growth
  • seed selection & germination
  • planting seedlings on and soil preparation
  • saving seeds
  • grafting techniques – if there is interest and time

We will start promptly at 11am and finish at midday.


One thought on “Propagation workshop – Sunday 18 March

  1. Hi Lloyd, it’s looking great and i notice the pumkins are starting to come back after the hail. sorry couldn’t get there but i have demands of trying finda place ot live in sydney which wastes a lot of time and my studies.
    i’ll try to show up next week.

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