Sunday 18 March volunteers

The usual suspects… indicate that the last weed has been expertly removed. Today we focused on a long overdue cleanup of the small mint/herb garden near the shed. It had become extensively overrun with a rather unpleasant smelling and tasting mint. We removed everything and then replanted the Lemon Balm, Vietnamese mint (Persicaria odorata) and Rose Geranium. We can now replant some better tasting mints to use for our regular tea drinking sessions. There was a beautiful break in the weather again for our Sunday session. At 11 those present discussed plant propagation and we planned some on-site visits for the future to do some grafting and fruit tree reproduction. Jed delivered a stack of nice fresh Russian Kale seedlings and we all went home happy. 🙂

Here are some action shots of our quick herb bed renovation – showing before and after etc.

It may look good but it tastes awful.

Observing the satisfying cleared soil during a tea break.

Replacing the good herbs.

Next week we will install some more herbage.

Thanks to everyone who turned up.


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