Sunday volunteers April 1

Well there were a small number of volunteers today, but a large visiting group of picnickers organised by the North Katoomba Transitions mob.

We staked and bagged about 10 of the citrus trees ready for the winter chill and wind that is to come soon. There are more trees still to be done during this next week. We are using 3 hardwood stakes and some hessian for each tree that is stapled down and attached so that it can be flipped over the top when it gets colder to reduce any wind and frost damage from above and to the side. This last winter was a bit severe on the new trees so we are getting in very early. We also dosed them up with a sprinkle of some epsom salts to compensate for all the rain and help them harden up the new growth, a splash of some rock trace elements and a small amount of iron phosphate bait to try and keep the epidemic of snails down.

Aside from this we did some more general weeding and cleanup and splashed some seaweed tonic about on the seedling vegetables to keep them moving along.

Thanks everyone who came to help this week – both Friday and Sunday.

We had a visit from a local sheep. 🙂 Good to see the locals enjoying the gardens.


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