Easter weekend volunteers

Well it has been a nice weekend so far to be digging and weeding and such. We have had a productive couple of volunteers sessions on Friday and Sunday at the gardens. Much weeding and seeding was done – especially with more of our succession planting of the winter greens and related vegetables. With our Sunday session we have also added another raised ‘quick pick’ garden near the first one along the edge of the car park area. It’s very accessible and easy to get to, and located in a nice sunny spot that will really help with quickly growing some of the more commonly asked for vegetables and herbs. This includes parsley, oregano, lettuce, rocket and various other fast turnover salad greens etc. The first bed seems to be coming along well despite only a few weeks of growth.

The contents nave been made up by layering chip and leaf waste at the base, then layers of grassy compost and extra clay heavy soil excavated when widening the creek banks. It should settle down into a nice textured soil mix.

We still need to do some more work on structurally reinforcing them for the long term and making them a little easier to work around. The old metal will last a while yet but is still a bit rough around the edges.

We have started to prepare seedlings such as nasturtium, calendula etc for the open day coming up in May. We have also been filling out the beds with more seasonal vegetables. e.g. today we started the pea and snow pea planting.

Despite their ferocious recent growth we are all a bit doubtful about the tomato and corn… it’s very hard to make that decision to just rip them out and start with the new seasons plantings when they all look so green and healthy. But knowing there is a chance of frost now after the easter period it really is unlikely they will do much. You can see some of them on the right hand side of the bed where we planted the peas under the trellis.

Anyway thanks again to all those who attended and helped out on Friday and Sunday despite it being a long holiday weekend. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Easter weekend volunteers

  1. Hi,
    the compost bins look good and the pictures of the veggie patch remind of the Gardening Australia segment with Costa ….he has so much enthusiasm and patience with the children on the ‘footpath conversion.’
    I live in lower mountains , and would like to know if a community garden has been established in the Springwood area ?
    Our garden has been fully planted out over the years with shrubs and trees and the resulting shade and root competition – which doesn’t lend itself to vegetable propagation.

  2. Hi Derek – I don’t know of any formally arranged community gardens in the Blue Mountains aside from the two at Katoomba and Lawson. Probably the place to start asking is at the Springwood Neighbourhood Centre Co-operative Ltd (SNCC) – http://sncc.org.au/
    We are always interested in helping in any way we can to promote the development of others so if you get time drop in and have a chat with some of the volunteers involved here at Katoomba. There are lots of other groups such as the permaculture and transition orgs that also are a good place to make contacts. I know starting your own local community garden does not sound all that easy, but there are probably more like you in the local area who would like to participate. And I know that having Costa talking up the shared community garden idea on ‘Gardening Australia’ will likely generate more interest too.

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