Sunday Volunteers 15 April

Today was a very nice day for gardening! We had a great turnout of eventually about 20 people itching to dig and weed and so on and we got a lot done.

So what did we do? :

  • We weeded
  • We seeded
  • We mourned the terrible growing summer and lack of growth and then we sacrificed the tomatoes and the corn
  • then we turned and dug the beds over ready to plant.
  • The tomatoes were hung on the side of the shed to dry and ripen what was left of the green crop [there is some there to ripen]
  • We planted the first of the autumn Broadbeans
  • We planted out a small crop of Garlic
  • We loosely installed a new First Aid kit in the central mud hut [expertly and precariously balanced by Kat and Franklin]
  • We staked out protection for the remainder of the citrus trees.
  • Much mulch was moved about the place
  • Seedlings were thinned and transplanted to the quick pick gardens near the carpark.
  • and more…

The Citrus are all rugged up ready for the winter now…

Here’s Kat and Franklin attaching the First Aid kit temporarily to the wall in an expert way.

Then going feral on the drying racks…

And here’s a bunch more activity staking out some figs at the north end.

Thanks to all those who turned up and helped. It’s good to see some enthusiasm returning and people getting the time to help out. 🙂


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