volunteers Friday 11 May

Well a small volunteer turnout of regulars – but much work was done! A very bright sunny day and great for digging and planting seeds.

We refurbished the top swale today and have started in on planting vegetables into this area. It is great overflow space for the central garden area which, although likely to be harsh for the young seeds and seedlings during both mid winter and mid summer, will allow us to expand our overall production and options for vegetable produce. There is no nearby water source and it can get pretty cold and windy.

Here is the ‘before’ photo. It’s hard to work this ground but the soil seems pretty good underneath once it has been turned and cultivated.

Michael has continued with the heroic efforts on the creek line and has been battling with a new patch of Blackberry and Privet.

This slightly odd ‘return to summer during autumn’ period has been very good for getting the winter vegetables off to a good start. The days have been clear and bright and warm.

Thanks all those who turned up to help today! 🙂


One thought on “volunteers Friday 11 May

  1. It’s been such gorgeous weather for gardening, and having the extra regular work sessions are really paying off!

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