Volunteers Sunday 13 May

Well autumn/winter has blown in right on time… we had a brisk session today with temp down around 10c. We refurbished a small garden plot near the main mud hut that had been overrun with Greater Celandine and Buttercup.

Part of this was to re-use some of the biodegradable waste that was donated to us by the organisers of the Wilderness Society WildEndurance 100km team challenge event that was held on the 5th-6th of May recently up here in the Blue Mountains.

After delivery it had been placed in some general piles of other compost material we had going and today much of it has been fully ’embedded’ in an active garden bed.

We then covered this with more developed compost and leaf mulch etc. to make a raised bed.

This bed will be used for more vegetables and herbs.

Thanks to those who turned up to help today 🙂

The WildEndurance event organisers also dropped off (after the event) some boxes of left over bananas that were shared amongst some of the regular gardens volunteers. Most of them ended up being dried – very tasty and a great way to preserve them. Here are some before and after shots 🙂


5 thoughts on “Volunteers Sunday 13 May

  1. Yes and you are right it is Celandine – a plant – that we cleared from that space not ceramics… (celadon edited)

  2. lol, although on closer inspection it’s the area around the fig that you all deftly dispatched the unwanted flora. Heading down now to see how the citruses are going and flip those hessian tops as you suggested.

  3. So lovely to see our waste become such a useful resource to folk. Thanks so much for working with us! Andrew (Wilderness Society Sydney)

    • wishing all the walkers a good recovery, hope to see you and your coffee grounds again next year!

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