Cittaslow visit

On Tuesday we had a group visit the community gardens hosted by the Blue Mountains  Cittaslow movement.

Cittaslow (pronounced “CHITTA-slow”) is an Italian idea developed from the *Slow Food movement. Cittaslow towns take the time to identify what is important and special about that town and its surrounding area and put in place strategies to preserve their unique qualities, making life better for everyone.
The “Global Village” may have created unparalleled opportunities for the exchange of goods and ideas, but it can also lead to the proliferation of uniformity which stifles individuality and creativity at the local level.

This included people from the Blue Mountains City council and other councils.

Also Yea and Goolwa –

We talked about the history of the local Blue Mountains Community gardens and about some of the processes and politics involved in running a volunteer community garden space – for example – a community garden that is run without individual plots and funded mainly through locals contributions in work, time and ‘in kind’ donations.

We are always happy to receive visitors like this and welcome the opportunity to talk about the way we do things and what we would like to do in the future. 🙂


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