Volunteers Sunday 20 May

Well we had another well attended day at the gardens on Sunday. The air was crisp and the sun was shining hard at us and the plants. It has been fairly dry in the last month or so which has been a bit strange after complaining about too much rain for the last 2 years while the La Niña has been pelting us with water. We are in a neutral period currently according to the Australian Weather Bureau.

We started with a discussion about some of the mid to longer term projects we need to work on at the gardens including starting up a new ‘Arborist’ group who will be more regularly running sessions along side (or part of) the Sunday volunteers sessions and helping to focus maintenance on the trees like the heritage Apple Walk which is in dire need of a clean up and reshaping. Anyone interested in learning about shaping fruit trees and participating should keep an eye out for when these sessions are coming up via this blog.

We then directed our attention to the kiwifruit vine and trimmed it down for winter. This involved trimming most errant stems down to between 2 -5 leaf nodes and trying to disentangle the vine from the nearby umaboshi plum trees. We now have 3 fast growing female vines and one male vine planted around the central open space – all of which seem to like the local growing conditions. We cleaned up the resultant female vine cuttings for reshooting and growing in Spring.

We have plans for more plantings of both Kiwifruit and Kiwiberries (arguta) elsewhere in the gardens this next year as it appears it’s an ideal climate and location for growing them. However they need large and solid support to grow the vines on.

After this we continued our planned refurbishment and cleanup and raising of the beds located near the mud hut.

Then we ran out of time… as usual many thanks to all those who turned up to help out! 🙂

Next Sunday on the 27th of May for this time slot we have an offsite visit planned to a garden in Mount Tomah to talk about and look at Berries! We will be meeting beforehand at 9am at the gardens to arrange car pooling to get there. ( It takes up to 1 hour to drive there). We have limited spaces available so if you have not signed up yet give us a yell here on the blog or drop one of us an email – or turn up to the Friday session and let us know of your interest.


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