Frosty Friday

The rain kept a cloud covered sky on Wednesday this week and so  much looked forward to planned solar telescope viewing of the transit of venus had to be called off. Since then, skies have cleared, but the temperature has been hovering well down in single digits. Rumours of imminent snow abound, and this morning I almost wondered if we had indeed had a flurry. The frost was thick in my slow awakening back yard, every small pool of water was iced over, rain collected a couple of days ago on a bucket lid grasps a leaf in its circular icy grip. Hey ho. Here’s my makeshift transit of ice and leaf


At the gardens that frost, Lloyd assures me, is sweeting and intensifying the flavours of all our winter greens. In a brief round up over a cup of tea I learn that cardboard (left by the corner roast) has been retrieved after being flung around and into the creek on a couple of occasions (of howling wind no doubt) and now is being covered and weighted down on arrival. It may be a chilly morning, but creek work continues, Fred is spotted with barrows of mulch, Michael grabs a pie and disappears down into the creek and I don’t actually see him again when I leave around 2pm. The time in between I spend on a couple of jobs. First up digging up a patch of comfrey, Lloyd then covers the area with lucerne, as he does in a couple of beds nearby. There are some bulbs in there and we relocate them to the flower garden. The comfrey leaves head to the compost pile where they’ll break down quicklyl and help activate the compost as well as provide minerals they bring from their deep rooted adventures. The roots  themselves are heading to a new home in Blackheath, destined to mark the perimeter of a chook run. I spot pots of small bay trees grown from suckers or cuttings, and decide to raise the idea of a bay fence. Lloyd knows just the spot for it, behind the apple walk and so before long, raking and land levelling, hoeing, post removing & moving we create an ideal planting place together.



Our big bay tree is kept as a bush, continually throwing out suckers, but its expansion plans thwarted by my own. Today Beth and I dig out a couple of dozen strong shoots with good sections of root. We line these up between the star pickets marking the boundaries for our nascent hedge which will add some more curving structure to this part of the garden. Even as we remove them from the mother plant, great billowing wafts of bay scent surround us, and its this beautiful fragrance I’m hoping fills the air when we brush past this hedging when it grows.


A couple of new folk drop by as well as a neighbour whose dog gets a cheeky mouthful of cake when we’re not looking, I guess dogs cant resist Hominy baking too.

I picked up these seeds from the co-op and they’ll be part of what’s planted on Sunday, just as soon as a couple more areas have been weeded.


One thought on “Frosty Friday

  1. For a day that started at 1 degree c it was not so bad a time… there was much straw and lucerne to be spread, planting to be done and talking to be had… and a good time of year to progress structural features in the gardens. 🙂

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