Australian National Tree Day – July 29

Australian National Tree Day is coming up on July 29. The target is 1 million native trees and shrubs this year. It is run by Planet Ark.

The schools tree day is July 27.

National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day provide all Australians with an opportunity to do something positive for the environment and reconnect with nature. In 2011, thousands of Australians planted over 1 million native trees, shrub and grasses at more than 2900 Tree Day events, and a host of other Tree Day activities were held.

Organising a Tree Day Site or Activity

Each year, over 3,500 people put up their hand to do their part by becoming a National Tree Day site coordinator.

You can organise a National Tree Day site in your local park, school or university, at a nearby creek, roadside or bushland area, even in your own backyard! This year every day is National Tree Day – if our national dates don’t suit your climate or another time would better suit your group, you can run the activity on whatever day you choose. Just register your site with us to be covered for insurance and receive your promotional kit.

To read some inspiring stories about what National Tree Day site coordinators have achieved, please click here.


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