Volunteers Sunday June 17

Well a microscopic turnout for the Sunday volunteer session today. Despite the forecast for rain for the whole weekend it was a sunny but cool breezy day down at the gardens. Must be that winter cold is keeping people inside.

This will be the last organised Sunday session now till July 22 when we start back in to working on midwinter projects.

Today we completed a few tasks left over from last Sunday such as cleaning up the Raspberries tying the canes up etc. They are looking good for this next years crop.

We also did more general weeding and cleaning up garden beds and inspecting things for any damage etc. As part of this we erected a few more makeshift trellis systems such as the iron ‘reo’ that we jammed into the ground and tied together for the snow peas to climb on. They are all doing well in this cold weather.

People are starting to harvest food from the beds now regularly – but carefully – like the kales and salad greens which is good to see.

We also started renovating some of the broken down and VERY faded and unreadable signage by painting some of them with a fresh coat of paint. The lettering will be restored in the next few days when the paint dries…


The citrus are surviving much better this winter with the warm hessian blankets and have lost virtually no leaves yet despite a few below zero frosts and  high winds the last few weeks.

The gardens are certainly a different experience in winter – but seem to be currently still thriving with the improved soils and proper preparation of the plants and beds for these cold periods we are having.

See you again with more progress reports in mid July.


One thought on “Volunteers Sunday June 17

  1. Like the Monkees, a couple of us were too busy singing to garden today, but I passed the sign an hour ago which even at dusk is already much more clearly visible from the other side of the road. Good job!

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