Sunday Sessions Welcomes Arborists’ Group

Arborist up a ladder

Following the pruning workshop in June the Blue Mountains Fruit and Net Tree Network, Brian has posted some terrific notes about pruning fruit trees .  Whether you attended our pruning workshop in June or you fancy brushing up your pruning skills or already have experience to bring to these tree care sessions, come along on any Sunday morning and join Brian and Wayne in bringing new lease of life to these wonderful trees. Arborists’ Group sessions will meet for seasonal pruning and tree care alongside any vegetable gardening sessions also running on Sundays.
The first session of  New Aborists’ Group started on pruning trees in the heritage apple arbor this morning, further sessions will continue through the arbor and work with the many other fruit trees in the gardens.

Wayne leads the way

If you attended the last workshop, this group offers a great supportive environment to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Come along to any Sunday session to join in or find out more about this lovely new group.

Be prepared for pruning with gloves if you prefer, and bring along sharp clean tools if you have them. Some pruning tools are available to use. If you do bring tools from home, please observe good hygiene by wiping down with metho/water solution at the start of the session.

Refreshments available by donation.


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