A Quiet Friday Gardening

I’m just recovering from a rather nasty flu and step out of a car, even in the bright sunshine there’s still a touch of frost in the air, I’m chilled. Another frosty morning leaves the ice is still melting just before lunch in my yard up the road from this garden. So I just pop by to say hello, drop off bread and snacks, which are kindly provided for garden volunteers by local bakery Hominy. Ishta and Michelle weed around the greens gently chattering away quietly in the soup garden. Colin and his helper Paul (happy to make your acquaintance today) are just finishing up a session of chopping up sticks. There are many large piles of wood having been cut down to work on. Little by little it will all be broken down and put to use one way or another, whether becoming part of a fence, or kindling for firewood. Whether it ends its days as hugelkultur or sculpture, everything finds its place here.

a productive edge

I catch up with Fred briefly, as well as Michael, who pulls his arm out of a sling to help Fred, and marvel at his dedication to help despite this very recent elbow injury, which he proudly displays. They’re catching a few rays, they’ve just been hauling wooden rounds, putting trees recently cut down to use in our landscape. They’re barrowed one, two at a time, up to the top swale to form the edge of more formal access way than currently exists there.

Some of the apple tree signs are up in the trees, and I get a tempting glimpse but I’m not stopping… its too chilly for me.

Lloyd and Jed have us stocked the garden up with plenty of greens for picking, both in the picking beds and in the soup garden, I pluck a few young leaves of tatsoi to add to a hot dashi broth for lunch at home and giant rocket leaves for salad later before stepping back into a warm car and catching a ride back home.

the garden depends on volunteers all year round, for jobs big and small. Join us one Friday or Sunday…


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