Tip Top Tips!

Beans mean beans, actually.
We’ve heaps of broadbeans (that’s Vicia faba to you) in our community gardens at the moment, some self sown from previous crops and others sown by hand (these are the regular edible dried beans bought in bulk from our local food co-op in Katoomba). We planted them well before the now frequently mentioned frosts began. If yours aren’t in yet, best wait til we’re clear of heavy frosts or if you’re very keen, you can start under the protective cover from that ground hugging cold air in a cold frame or cloches (along with leeks which you can also start now).

planting beans mid-AprilOn the other hand, if you popped yours in in Autumn as we did, now’s a fantastic time to be harvesting broadbean tips; the later varieties will keep growing taller but not producing flowers for pod until the Spring, so keep them bushy by snipping the tops. I pop them in a soups, either whole or shredded, depending on the balance  with other fresh ingredients as suits the look and texture of each dish.  Added as a garnish, they carry a pleasantly mild tinge of beanishness to them. Once chopped and stirred through a hot soup or stew, or cooked a little in a stir fry or bake, they’re hard to distinguish from more commonly used green leaves, handy for anyone cooking for friends or family with fear of unknown vegetables.

A keen crew came out in their winter woolies to continue weeding and pruning, sipping tea and preening mainly around the soup garden today. Thanks Ishta Sue Sue Catherine Jerome Paul and Fred for rolling your sleeves up out there today. I hope you took some of these tip top tips with you.

Still harvesting silverbeet, rocket, and rich red kale. Getting to the end of radishes and lettuces now, and coming on with beetroot and carrots.

Stop by and give us a hand from 10:0-12:00 for the Sunday Session. Remember it’s Australian National Tree Day this Sunday, and we’ll be planting Pears by the hazel hedge, as well as pruning along the apple arbor. See you there!


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