Volunteers Sunday 29 July

Tree planting

Well we are back into the Sunday sessions after a fairly cold and miserable mid winter. Last week there were just two of us standing around in the freezing shed. This Sunday was both nice and sunny and well attended.

The primary activity for the session was planting some trees for Australian National Tree Day. The target was 1 million native trees and shrubs this year. It is run by Planet Ark.

The four Pear trees that went in were Packham’s Triumph, Beurre Bosc, (cocktail) Corella and Williams.

I have included several pictures here as no one would stand still as usual…

But we also did some general chat and catching up after four weeks break and some general maintenance, seed planting, weeding and generally checking on how things were growing.

We started by cleaning up a lot of broken glass around the main shed areas where someone had broken a bunch of glass bottles by throwing them against the shed – just the usual random stuff that sometimes happens in public places like parks.

Many of the core vegetable beds are still growing ok despite the cold and damp weather.  Some seedlings have not survived the frosts and wind very well, but as the weather turns over the next few weeks we can start them off again. I should mention that all the Citrus trees have done VERY well under their hessian covering.

After the tree planting was complete Jason did a demonstration of his homemade and rather entertaining ‘low smoke’ BioChar Charcoal maker. He’s using it to experiment with making Charcoal to use for his Mushroom growing. We have no end of material at the gardens currently to convert…


Then we all went home to enjoy the rest of the great clear sunny mountains Winter day.

Thanks to all those who came. 🙂


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