Keep Australia Beautiful Week – 20 August

Just a quick reminder that we have ‘Keep Australia Beautiful Week‘ coming up from Monday 20 till Sunday 26 August. This is a program run by KAB who are behind ‘Tidy Towns’, ‘Sustainable Cities’ and ‘Beverage Container Recycling Grants’ etc. – – in NSW

This year, Keep Australia Beautiful is targeting motorists and holiday-makers, calling on all road users to stop rubbishing our highways and roads with litter. This is very relevant to where we are located in the middle of the Blue Mountains National Park with a significant highway running through our towns.

Anti-litter top travelling tips

• Always carry a car tidy bag when you’re travelling. If you can take your rubbish home with you, it helps keep public bins from overflowing and means you can recycle most of it instead.

• If you are a smoker, always use your vehicle or personal ashtray instead. Not disposing of butts responsibly can cause fires and harm animals when ingested. Substantial fines are also handed down to anyone seen and reported for not disposing of a cigarette butt in the bin.

• Food scraps are litter too and can kill or cause injury to wildlife when eaten or thrown near roads & highways. Bin your scraps when you are in public, or compost them when at home.

• If toilet facilities are not available and you get caught whilst travelling, carry a metal spade so you can bury the waste/paper/tissues. Sanitary items and nappies should be taken home or binned as they do not degrade.

• If you come across someone else’s rubbish, don’t ignore it. Do the right thing and place it in a bin.

• If you see an overflowing public bin, contact the local council or shire to report its location. Google is an easy way to locate the local council and contact numbers.

Did You Know? * These times may vary slight depending on exposure to water and air.

• Aluminium cans can take between 80 – 200 years to break down
• A foam cup can take up to 50 years to decompose
• A glass bottle can take up to 1 million years to decompose


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