Volunteers Friday 10 August

It’s going to be a great early spring for growing in the mountains!. You can see the cloud of flower buds beginning to bulge on the Umaboshi Plum circle in the photo snap of Anne and Kat in the central vegetable garden from today. There’s also a slight haze from the woodfired oven which got fired up in the morning, where more people like Michael and Fred are huddling in the background .

The sap is rising and buds forming on many of the deciduous trees – looks like it may be an early bud burst this year. The gardens currently look very grey without much leaf on all the trees and some of the herby plants with frost burns – but things are changing rapidly…

It was snowing at Mount Wilson and a few other places in the Blue Mountains today. However at the Community Gardens in Katoomba it was clear and sunny with just a few occasional refreshing gusts of crisp antarctic wind. 😉

We are currently working on the usual mid winter ‘hard’ landscaping and ‘cleaning up’ activities preparing for the spring and upcoming activities at the gardens. This includes cleaning up the old storage areas like the MudHut and the shed and surrounds which have developed a mighty layer of detritus and reusable ‘resources’ over the years.

Planning has started for this years ‘Festival of Joy’ which will be happening this year on Sunday 7 October. Last years event (2011) was a fairly damp event (like most of last year) but despite this it was very ‘Joyful’ and well attended… we look forward to having a good time again.

Closer to right now… we also have the Community Gardens Network MeetUP coming on Sunday 26th of August when we hope to have a lot of community gardeners visiting us from all over the Sydney region.

Work has begun on extending the Physic and Herb Garden which has lasted quite well through our winter despite only being really half planted out in Autumn this year. The next step in the plan is to develop a circle of beds around the existing area and plant them out with more herbs, berries and a covered protective enclosure. This will help create more protection for stopping fruit and seed from being spread into the local bushland and hopefully help keep the overall bird and other wildlife intrusions down.

Thanks to all those who came today and helped out with labour or just good conversation 🙂


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