Sunday Volunteers 12 August

Well the weather is holding out pleasantly and we had a good turnout today for our Sunday session. Today’s activities were focussed first on building a new school garden planting space to be used by the local primary school children.

First we moved all the large wood stumps that were left over from the very large fallen oak tree from next door – this took some effort. Then we extracted as much of the invasive Buttercup (rununculus) and yellow and red dock (we moved them elsewhere as they were substantial plants) that had grown back up in the space since we prepped it. Then we laid out several thick layers of cardboard and covered this with wood chip and some compost. We will need to add some sort of edging later to hold it all in place. It is about 6×2 metres so should be big enough for a good manageable cropping space.

This is a ‘before’ photo after moving the tree slabs. The underlying bed space had been prepared fairly well some months ago in Autumn when we were clearing the space and building some of the other raised beds.

It will hopefully be ready for us to add more compost, lucerne and straw to it in a few weeks and then be ready to plant out in mid spring when it has settled down. Most likely with a crop of potatoes and broad beans to get things started with a visit.

Here’s some more ‘action’ shots… by that stage we were scoring barrow runs based on olympic judging standards 😉 I think this one was only worth a 6.5 at most… 😉

Then we moved to the new physic/herb garden expansion. We added more compost and spread several bales of Straw and Lucerne to build up the beds ready for planting in a few weeks in Spring. Here’s Franklin distributing straw…

And Whew! then an EPIC battle between gardeners and rats in the Mudhut… I have no photos but Josie, Jane, Kat and Sue bravely led the charge against the infiltrators. Much cleaning and reorganising has been done and we are measuring up to install some new shelving and storage for our seed collection and library of gardening books and the area we use for storing signage and making our morning teas etc. My guess is the rats may still be lurking… but we did do a fairly effective eviction.

A full documentary load of photos for the day can be seen here on Kats flickr stream for the gardens.

One highlight was being now able to open the side entrance to the MudHut.

Thanks to all those who came to labour and help out! a very successful and satisfying session. 🙂


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