Taste of the Wind

A small taste of this wild windy day outside, gusts bringing with them spots of rain, hail and snow. We’re in for a weekend of this glorious knockabout weather that’s set to leave snow on the ground above 900m, apparently.

Behind the dockleaves, you can just see one brave lone figure in the background finishing up weeding. Meanwhile the rest of us (Lloyd Michael Fred Kat) carry on working on the shed (interior), but still the odd drop of snow made it in courtesy of great sideways gusts through the eaves. Thanks to Lloyd who donated two sets of metal shelving to add to one remaining set of shelves in the back corner we’re able to continue clearing of space around the kitchen area for reorganising, refitting (read removing makeshift shelves and replacing with slightly better fitting ply) and freeing up more solid useable work surfaces in the kitchen. Fred and Michael remove one cupboard to reveal a difference in wall texture, with bricks exposed in one section. Michael takes the chance to share a little history here, the change in surface reveals a previous extension of one area and a moved wall to create the kitchen we’re expanding today.
more pix from the reno over on flickr…


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