Volunteers Sunday 19 August

Hard to believe what a fantastic clear sunny day we had today for the Sunday session. REALLY hard to believe it was snowing and sleeting on Friday with huge wind gusts. Spring is happening now! These images are of the umaboshi plum circle bursting with radiant pink flowers. They are the first to bud and flower for the season. We have  rehung some of our cloth streamers for spring and through a random mistake in dying technique ended up with a matching pink decoration…

We had a good turnout of Sunday volunteers today and completed what is hopefully the last or at least worst of our ‘heavy lifting’ cleanup for the winter (hope your back is still ok Jed!!). We were mainly emptying the open shed area and sorting resources – It was a followup to our friday session where we installed some new shelving and bench tops and did a significant Mudhut cleanup despite it snowing out side. You can see a snap here of some friday volunteers huddling around the entrance avoiding contact with the outside wet and windy world.

Thanks to all who came today and helped 🙂


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