Cultivate with Love

For those community gardeners who were not able to be at our weekend gathering, I want to share some lovely thoughts about community gardening Supapon brought along and read for us on Sunday


Today it’s a fine day for gardening as far as the gardening day goes… When, I wonder is our last frost due? Sue reminded me the other day that although its unseasonally warm, we’re all advised to hold off on optimistic Spring purchases for the garden. Although its a warm year, in a warming climate there’s every chance we’ll still head back into some cold snaps which might kill off tender annual seedlings if left unprotected. And then there’s the hail, Lloyd reminds me. About an hour later the hail makes an early personal appearance, but by the time  it comes I’m looking out as it lands on the back deck, wrapped up indoors with a cup of tea.

Just as all the other ingredients are going in to today’s soup, Anne brings a zucchini for the pot, and gets down to weeding, separating some garlic and perennial leeks growing thickly, and redistributes these, they’ll be fine what ever the weather. Perennial leeks are a great resource, but look a little too much like garlic, so we keep these separate so they dont get mixed up later. I’ve lost a whole season of garlic pulled up having been mistaken for leeks, so I won’t forget that one in a hurry! It doesn’t stop me planting more leeks, although these go in trays and are discretely labelled so we all know what they are when they come up. Lloyd does a comprehensive job introducing our gardens to new gardener Susie and JP who’s up visiting from suburbs of Sydney. They pull out mizuna which I’ve been eyeing up for seed, and garden volunteer Rowan puts the seed heads safely away in the shed for us to pack for distribution another day. I took along some of these to the last mid-mountains seed savers meeting, so if you’d like to grow some of these tasty greens get along to the next seedsavers meeting in Bullaburra or ask for seeds or seedlings when you next visit our gardens.

As if by magic far more garders arrive just as soup is ready. Today its a simple vegetable soup, begun with lots of celery, an onion, and one of the larger perennial leeks, heated gently in good slosh of olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper about 3 litres of water, a handful of navy beans, chopped carrot, pumpkin and finely chopped spring greens added in for the last few minutes of cooking.

Quick reminder, its bushcare tomorrow! Saturday 1st September 9-12.

Garden friends are invited to a meeting on Sunday September 2nd, leading up to the Festival of Joy next month. More volunteers are needed to help organise and to be there on the day, so there’s still lots of opportunity to get involved in this well loved annual event. Come along to the gardens at 11am Sunday September 2nd if you’d like to know more.


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