Sunday Volunteers 23 September

A fantastic sunny day for this Sunday session. Spring has sprung and we are starting to actually do gardening work that involves plants growing instead of just cleaning stuff up. And things are way more cheerful when the sun is shining.  🙂

Here we start with a snap of some of the cheerful active mob of Sunday session people at the end of the Sunday session. We were discussing developing a regular plant, seed and seedling swap session over the rest of the spring period which hopefully will develop into a produce swap in summer.

It’s been a few weeks since we posted much about what’s been going on with volunteers at the gardens generally and at the Sunday sessions but a quick summary would be –

  • We have done alot of cleaning, digging and shifting resources around
  • The new (moved) school garden bed near the front entrance has been reinforced to a usable degree and was planted out on Friday by a visiting group of kids from North Katoomba Primary School. They planted a crop of Royal Blue and Kipfler potatoes in the new bed under a 30 cm bed of straw and compost material.
  • Michael has been working on the creek again.
  • We have fixed a broken water main under a water tank that had to be emptied and moved to gain access for the repair.
  • We have cleaned out the mudhut and shed and surrounding areas significantly making them much more usable.
  • The herb garden and citrus grove spaces on the swales at the north end have been developed more.

Activities today involved the usual general checking on things and maintenance along with a lot of watering and plant tending etc. More beds were turned over ready for planting. Jason brought along some of his most excellent looking mushrooms for us to check out. Ann weeded the raspberries that are sprouting ferociously.

It’s time to bring out the wide brimmed hats, sun screen and other sun related protection.

Here’s a 3D combo of Jane turning the soil on the space next to the snow peas that is to be planted out with tomatoes, capsicums and chillis, and Ann crouched weeding in the raspberries. 🙂

The spring tree blossum is starting to look good for the upcoming festival. The apples are starting to bud up and many of the stone fruits are already bursting.

Hard to believe this time last year we were being drenched in rain and dark skies for days on end. It’s looking good for growing plants but probably going to be a hot dry summer as well.

Jason’s epic mushroom sample… this one is growing primarily on coffee grounds!

The herb garden has survived the winter rain, savage winds and storms, errant people and animals and now is taking a beating from the intense sun and dessicating winds – but still seems to be thriving and now developing it’s spring growth. Planting of the more ‘delicate’ herbs will be happening over the next few weeks into the central quadrants and outer rings.

Thanks to all who came today to help out 🙂 – see you next week.


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